School Head Lays Emphasis 
on Creative Thinking

DUBAI - If schools want to improve their level of education they should introduce subjects that have an emphasis on creative thinking, said an educationist

By (Staff Reporter)

Published: Thu 3 Dec 2009, 10:49 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:26 AM

According to Ahmed Abdulla Al Mulla, headmaster of Omar Bin Alkhattab Model School in Dubai, “The future is calling for creative thinkers and if we are to compete in a global market our students need to be innovators.”

Students are seeking improvement in social education that will enlighten them on the United Arab Emirates as schools are making efforts towards modernisation, according to an educationist.

Al Mulla said his school has taken the initiative to find out what type of subjects students would like to know more about. “Students would like to learn more about their history and other subjects like economics with specifics on Dubai. Students are consumers and play a major part in our economy – they need to have more statistics on Dubai’s economy as general economics is no longer sufficient.”

Students would also like to advance their physical education by adding more sports activities such as horse riding. “Sports which have traditional roots are also necessary for the students. This way they can learn more about their culture and traditions,” said Al Mulla.

The Omar Bin Alkhattab Model School conducts an additional one-hour activity everyday. “Our school works longer than others by an hour and we have a strong language programme and computer studies.”

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