School head faces sack for ‘forging document’

DUBAI — In a serious case of forgery, the principal of a private school in Dubai digged out an old appointment letter issued to a teacher in 1995 who had since left the school and used it to get clearance from the Ministry of Education to appoint his wife by replacing the photograph and blanking out the original name and the seal of approval of the Dubai Educational Zone (DEZ).

By Mohsen Rashid

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Published: Sun 17 Apr 2005, 11:01 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:05 PM

The forgery came to light when the Foreign Private Schools Department received a report from DEZ listing several violations committed by the principal of this school. Following the report, the Department verified the papers and found that the principal had forged the appointment letter. DEZ, in its report, recommended the sacking of the principal following the series of violations.

The appointment letter which was forged was issued in 1995 to one Zabia Niaz, who held a bachelor’s degree in science and she was appointed as a science teacher. Subsequently, she left the school. The principal removed Zabia’s photograph from the appointment letter, replaced it with his wife’s photo and changed the name to Badr El Nessa, his wife’s name, but did not make any other changes. He also removed DEZ’s seal carrying the old date of approval.

Following the forgery coming to light, the Foreign Private Schools Department reacted strongly and sent the file to the Legal Affairs Department of the Ministry for further action. The startling revelation also prompted DEZ to issue a circular to all school managements to review and verify old appointment letters and ensure no such malpractices had taken place.

Ministry sources told Khaleej Times that the Department head paid a surprise visit to the school and had, in a report dated March 29, disclosed serious violations indulged in by the school. An earlier report in May, 2004, had also spoken of similar violations, with recommendations for the sacking of the principal. In fact, DEZ had found the school premises unfit for conducting classes, besides the management indulging in employing teachers without issuing them appointment letters. These were mentioned in its report, which also stated that the principal had appointed relatives in several positions in the school.

Last but not the least was the discovery that the principal was not under the sponsorship of Ministry of Education but was under the sponsorship of Ministry of Auqaf.

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