Salam Street to be opened on Friday

ABU DHABI — The initial phase of Abu Dhabi’s Salam Street Upgrading Project has been completed and the finished stretch of the road will be opened on Friday.

Phase one includes roads and intersections stretching from Hamdan Street junction to Al Falah Street junction. The section will be opened for vehicles and pedestrians on both directions.

This is part of a plan to gradually open the completed parts of Salam Street Upgrading Project. The opening of this stretch will reduce the pressure on the linking roads and help end traffic jams in the Capital.

“This phase has the provision of 740 parking slots, installation of 50 traffic signal poles fitted with 206 light heads and 120 street lighting poles fitted with LED system that endures lighting over extended periods with minimal maintenance requirements and saves power consumption to the least possible level,” said a statement from the municipality.

According to the department, this phase took 27 million hours of work to complete and was constructed in conformity with the Urban Streets Design Manual published by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

“Due attention was given to traffic safety issues throughout the construction of the project considering it a top priority for the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City,” the statement added.

According to the project plan, construction works are set for completion within the next few months.

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