Rumours of more taxi driver killings ‘baseless’, say police

DUBAI — Police have appealed for calm in the aftermath of the brutal murder of Metro Taxi driver Abdullah Umar Khan. Khan, 50, was found with multiple stab wounds on Friday morning in Al Qouz. As news of his murder was revealed, panic spread among his fellow taxi drivers.

By Our Staff Reporters

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Published: Mon 8 May 2006, 11:08 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:36 PM

Soon, rumours were circulating about two more taxi driver killings in the city.

Khaleej Times reporters received several calls from anxious drivers enquiring about the rumours.

“We are now in trouble and we do not know how safe we are here. I heard that two more taxi drivers were killed yesterday in different parts of the city. I am scared to run taxi at night anymore," said one driver called Chandran.

"All the taxi drivers were speaking about was these two new murders. All drivers were calling each other and asking about this. But nobody has any solid information," he added.

Rajan, another driver, said: "When I heard this news, I thought there is one particular person in the city who is targeting taxi drivers. But I do not have any clue what is happening, all I know is that these two new killing are the talk of the town."

"We do not know who our passengers are, neither we have a choice in selecting them. I had always felt safe in Dubai, But now I am not sure," he added.

However, police have branded the rumours as 'baseless' and 'false' and called for restraint.

"The news circulating around are baseless. We do not have any reports of such killings taking place. Some people just enjoy spreading fear and frustration," commented one police official.

He continued, "The UAE is a safe place and the unfortunate murder of khan was one of few isolated incidents. The taxi drivers here are safer than in any other city in the world. They are not a target in general.

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