Rules prohibit women from working during ‘night time’

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By Legal View By Samir El Azrak

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Published: Sun 9 Sep 2007, 9:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 5:08 AM

Q: My sister has a job offer at a factory here, but she has to work at night. Are there any provisions in the labour law regulating women’s employment?

A: First, it should be clear that all labour relations are thoroughly streamlined in the Federal Labour Law. More specifically, the employment of women is covered in the third chapter of the law.

Women, as per Article 27 of the Federal Labour Law, should not be made to work during ‘night time’. The expression ‘night time’ denotes a period of not less than 11 hours including the period from 10pm to 7am.

According to Article 28, the following cases shall be exempted from the rule:

1) Cases where work in the establishment stops because of force majeure.

2) Work in technical and administrative posts involving responsibility

3) Work in health and other services which shall be determined by a decision to be issued by the Minister of Labour if the working woman does not usually perform a manual job.

Under Article 29, women shall not be employed in hazardous or arduous duties or duties that are harmful to health or morals as well as in other jobs which shall be determined by a decision to be issued by the Minister of Labour after seeking the opinion of the concerned authorities.

Q: Some people do not show enough respect to the holy month of Ramadan, by eating or smoking in public during fasting. Is there any law regulating such misconduct?

A: Such misconduct and similar violations of rituals and teachings are strictly prohibited under the law. Article 313 of the Federal Penal Code stipulates a jail term of not more than one month and/or a fine not exceeding Dh2,000 for the following violations:

1. Eating, drinking, or doing any act in violation of fasting in Ramadan in public.

2. Forcing, motivating or assisting others to commit the violations in public.

3. Any eatery or outlet involved in the same violation shall be ordered closed for not more than one month.

As per Article 315, a jail term and/or a fine shall be imposed on whoever criticises the rituals of other religions. — Compiled by Ahmed Shaaban

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