RTA Reaches out With Charity Donation Boxes

DUBAI — Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is coordinating with several charity organisations to distribute its 10 donation boxes at various locations to support social and humanitarian causes, said an RTA official.

Ahmed Mohammed Al Hammadi, Director of DTC Resources and Support Department said the DTC have been coordinating with several charity organisations such as Dar Al Ber Society, Red Crescent Society and Dubai Cares. The effort has been initiated to cooperate and to support their charitable and humanitarian contributions, and to verify the dates of collecting the funds from these boxes which have been distributed at various DTC locations including like the driver’s keys room, reception halls, collection room, workshop, mosque, and maintenance building.

“The care and attention to community is one of the basic virtues of Dubai Taxi Corporation, where we succeeded through our various services in providing a number of facilities for different community categories, including for example ladies and families’ service where the DTC selected modern and comfortable cars for this service, taking into account the privacy of women,” said Al Hammadi.

Al Hammadi said 50 taxicabs have been provided and driven by 100 women who received training on the principles of hospitality and customer service. The service, which has been upgraded to include all family members, operates from 6am until 2am across Dubai.

“RTA in general and Dubai Taxi Corporation in particular are aware of the importance of supporting organisations and charities. Hence is always seeking to participate and support the different activities and events organized by these bodies to demonstrate our commitment towards the different segments of the community” said Al Hammadi.

The DTC is also offering vehicles for special needs and seniors through five vehicles specially equipped to facilitate the entry and exit of passengers from these categories. These vehicles are deployed as a 24-hour service providing five daily trips starting from Dubai International Airport, said Al Hammadi.

Dar Al Ber Society, Red Crescent Society and Dubai Cares commended the cooperation and support of Dubai Taxi Corporation, and praised the efforts and the social and humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the RTA in all segments of the community.


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