Rotten meat seized

AJMAN — In a drive against the sale of rotten meat, the Health Section of Ajman Municipality last month confiscated 890 heads of slaughtered cows, 2,600 goats and 63 camels from butcheries and abattoirs in Ajman.

By Afkar Ali Abdullah

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Published: Thu 13 Oct 2005, 10:43 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:49 PM

Dr Mohammed Attia, Head of Food Section at the municipality, told Khaleej Times that a sample of this meat was tested which confirmed that it is unfit for human consumption.

Dr Attia said that the malpractice of selling rotten meat which can seriously affect public health, is common at the local market in Ajman. She added that last month the food inspectors confiscated more than 35 kilograms of frozen stale and spoilt red meat and 1,600 kilogram of liver from butcheries and meat shops during inspections which were part of the municipality's campaign targeting food outlets, butcheries, supermarkets, groceries and manufacturers.

“Food inspectors of the municipality are putting in great efforts to regularly monitor meat shops to ensure the quality of meat,” he stressed.

An official from Central Laboratory of the municipality said that the hot temperature causes fast growth of poisonous bacteria which make the meat rotten, turns it sour and dangerous to handle.

The foul smell which warns the consumer that meat has deteriorated emanates from biochemical compounds produced by such bacteria. In Ajman 100 per cent of the licensed meat shops have refrigerators, but they don't keep the meat in the desired cool temperature which would prevent the growth of bacteria. This causes infection after six to eight hours in the hot and humid conditions.

“Since meat is very sensitive to contamination, holds and containers must therefore be clean and stored in a thoroughly hygienic condition. The transportation companies and meat shops are responsible for ensuring sale of quality meat throughout the emirate,” he asserted.

He noted that the consumers always expect high quality food products, particularly the meat. Unfortunately some of them especially those who usually buy beef are being cheated into buying unclean and rotten goat and lamb meat that is passed off as cow meat.

Some of the meat shops do not abide by the municipality's regulations of storage and keep the meat either frozen or hanging out for a long time, which eventually spoils it.

The official pointed out that there are certain measures being undertaken by the laboratory to assure a fresher, higher quality of meat and related products for the consumer in Ajman. The municipality, he said, has been assured that the goat meat which is now available in the market is safe having passed all quarantine tests.

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