Rolls-Royce dealer denies car was used to carry animal feed

The official further said that the fabricated news was picked up from a Saudi-based website, which, he added, is run by hackers.


Nissar Hoath

Published: Sun 2 Mar 2014, 4:59 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 8:40 PM


Abu Dhabi Motors on Sunday denied that one of its British luxury Rolls-Royce cars was used for carrying animal feed, locally known as juth, by an Emirati, and that the company had approached the court to sue him.

A senior official of Rolls-Royce told Khaleej Times that the news that appeared in one of the local Arabic newspapers and a Russian TV channel was nothing but a fabricated report.

“I’m shocked and surprised at how a local newspaper fell prey to an international TV and a website report, picked it up and reproduced it. It is all fabricated and aimed at damaging the image of Emiratis. Nothing such happened nor have we sued any Emirati,” said Kadhim Al Helli, Brand Manager at Abu Dhabi Motors.

The official further added that the fabricated news was picked up from a Saudi-based website called Al Marhaba Definite, which, he added, is run by hackers.

“One of the GCC citizens picked up the fake report from the site and shared it across, and later was picked up by the local newspaper. The newspaper ran the report without bothering to check with us (the Rolls-Royce dealer) and the Judicial Department to confirm the authenticity of the report. It was complete unprofessional act by the newspaper,” said Al Helli.

He said no case has been filed by Abu Dhabi Motors against anyone related to this fabricated report. “It is very simple, these jealous hackers are trying to tarnish the image of UAE and its citizens by portraying them as nothing but camel traders. Today UAE is among the top most advanced countries with its citizens highly educated and professionally skilled in all fields,” explained A Helli.

The official further added Abu Dhabi Motors will go public to protect the company brand and show the world how successful UAE people are.

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