Role of Religious Discourses on Arab Media Outlets

Dubai Press Club, organisers of the Arab Media Forum, today announced details of two key sessions that will take centre-stage during the 11th edition of the event.

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Published: Tue 17 Apr 2012, 10:17 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:58 PM

Hosted on day-two of the forum, the sessions will examine the role of religious discourses that are aired on Arab media outlets, and the increasing use of violent language in the exchange of opinions on various media platforms.

Arab Media Forum is scheduled to be held from 8–9 May in Dubai.

The first session titled ‘Religious Discourses in Arab Media: The Expected Role” will discuss the significant influence of religious discourses on the Arab society given the profusion of such content in the audio-visual and printed media. Some of the media avenues have even become an arena for expressing fanatical ideas, accusing people of blasphemy and treachery and using abusive language. Statistics indicate that religious programmes attract a large audience, on par with entertainment and political content.

In addition to highlighting this scenario, the segment will draw attention to calls for a shift in the content of religious discourses and the use of dialogue to counter ideas and arguments while addressing rapid changes in the Arab world. Speakers will also respond to questions on the potential role of religious scholars and preachers in dealing with sedition and preventing its spread. Furthermore, panellists will explore the effect of the political advances of Islamist parties in the states where popular movements have overthrown the political regime.

The second session titled “Free Media and Free Wrestling” will discuss the influence of the street turmoil on the work of writers and elites. While it is natural for the media to transmit images of events as they unfold, in real time, it is unnatural that writers are provoked and generate content with aggressive phrases and engage in vindictive arguments over the electronic media. The language used is vile, offensive and defamatory and includes death threats. This attitude has spilled over to talk shows on the Arab satellite stations and channels where guests use their chairs for purposes other than sitting and turn the talk shows into free wrestling bouts!


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