Rodents and insects pose menace in Ajman

AJMAN — Massive proliferation of rodents and insects including bed bugs, flies and mosquitoes in residential areas, commercial outlets and industrial areas of Ajman is posing a threat to public health in the emirate.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Fri 18 Aug 2006, 10:48 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:13 PM

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Mohammed Al Khaja, a resident in Al Jarf area, said the garbage and waste which is still being filled in a site located close to the residential areas attract a lot of flies, insects and rodents. People who are allergic to certain insect bites are suffering from allergic reactions to bites or stings by such insects.

He said that severals complaints have been made to the municipality about the growth and spread of these insects caused by the accumulated trash which is located close to the residential areas. But no action has been taken yet by the civic body.

Khalid Yousif from Al Rashidiya said that swarms of flies had invaded his area last week. His children had to lock all windows, balconies and doors to prevent the flies from entering the house. “I understand that the majority of these flies are not harmful to humans, but can cause problems at certain times of the year. A housefly can carry millions of bacteria on its body and transmit it to humans or contaminate food which is left open,” he added

Dr Ali Mahdi from Al Nuaimia said that the growing number of the mosquitoe population is irritating the people. The mosquitoes are kind of biting flies which can carry diseases such as malaria. This disease is passed on to humans from the mosquito's salivary glands into their human host's bloodstream. In Ajman malaria is not a major health problem, but other mosquito-borne diseases are causing increasing concern.

Dr Mohammed Atia, Deputy Head of Health Section at Ajman Municipality, said that the civic body has introduced advanced techniques as a means to control insects and rodent population in various areas.

He said the municipality's pest control inspectors have fined many establishments and warned others for violating the prevailing pest control and surveillance procedures during the inspection campaigns that were part of a series of measures taken to safeguard public health and prevent pest-borne diseases from occurring in the emirate.

Foodstuff shops, construction companies, and other establishments have to comply with general cleanliness rules stipulated by the section and should be free from pests that are harmful to human health. The section has also undertaken regular programmes to control cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes in Ajman Fruits and Vegetable Market and Fish Market.

Apart from this, the section carried out a campaign for mosquito control in several areas, while a rodent control survey was conducted in industrial and commercial areas in the emirate.

The section treated all the mosques for ants, flies and bed bugs, and also covered number of hotels and many furniture outlets. Another Rodent survey in parks has shown rodent activity maintained at zero level in all the parks.

Hatim Hassan Mansour, pest control inspector, said that the pest control officers of the health section visited more than 26 areas that are affected by the mosquitoes, bugs and and other pests and sprayed pesticides in such areas. It also determined the most appropriate control measures such as laying down of poison baits to get rid of rodents in stores and outlets. Pesticides were sprayed in several areas in to ensure the safety of the public and to minimise damage to the environment.

“The pest control workers are asked to use chemical free treatment to ensure safety of food and environment protection in the affected area,” he added.

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