Retreat to Medieval Charm with a Modern Twist

DUBAI — The Village Shopping Center on the Jumeirah Beach Road has a medieval charm to it, with a modern twist. Most of the shops and boutiques in the shopping centre are inspired by an elegant Mediterranean style, starting from the open architecture and wide corridors to the gargoyle spout fountains and cozy furniture.


Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Fri 17 Apr 2009, 12:14 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:16 AM

The Village is a 6,000 square metre Center owned by Dubai International Real Estate and managed by Better Homes Property Management.

The mall has been open since 2004, and has 31 stores. The biggest attraction in the Village would be the Shakespeare and Co. patisserie and confectionary. With the wide seating space both inside and outside, the confectionary spans two-storey and has a wide range of food and bakery items.

An added attraction is the Zen yoga centre. Zen is a different concept to the Yoga centre catering to people belonging to all age groups. Zein Kamal, the Managing Partner of Zen Yoga said, “The centre began functioning three years ago by Noor Sweid. The idea came to her because a lot of studios just do yoga, and there was a lack of more focused yoga classes in the city. We offer very different types and styles of yoga by highly certified yoga teachers from all over the world. Besides that, the most unique feature in the studio is that we try to keep a family feel inthe studio.”

The centre has yoga classes for children as young as 4-9 year old.

“The form of yoga is very basic, it’s done basically to improve the kids flexibility by focusing on the fun side of yoga. We have classes for teenagers as well, which is a lot less strenuous as compared to what we do for the adults” added Zein.

Zein said that the reason why they decided to open a yoga centre in the Village is because Jumeirah is an easily accessible area. “The Village mall, has a good feel to it. It’s an open space, and it’s easily accessible,” says Zein.

One would never have to worry about sore feet in the Village. The entire mall is spread with cozy couches, beanbags and benches. With Carribou coffee taking up center space of the shopping centre, it most attracts almost all customers who drop into the mall.

Most of the visitors to the mall agreed that the mall has a spacious and welcoming feel to it.

Jane Earnest, who had dropped her kids to the play area Peekaboo was looking for antiques in Irony House.

“I like it here, and my kids love playing in Peekaboo. If you go the first floor of the centre, the view of the beach is beautiful. You can have coffee while checking the amazing view out,”said Jane.

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