Research to Understand UAE Youth Career Aims

DUBAI - Emirati youth will be quizzed about their career aspirations to increase the number of Emirati teachers over the next decade.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Fri 6 Feb 2009, 1:30 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:36 AM

The Emirates Foundation has awarded a grant of Dh. 200,000 to British University in Dubai for the research. Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Education, Martyn Quigley will be involved in the collection and publication of data related to the key career aspirations among Emirati youth and the primary influences that support or alter individual career goals.

Part of the project will include collecting data from two separate sets of Emirati students, fourth graders and eight graders, to recognise popular career goals shared by younger students and uncover the period when children drift away from their early ambitions to other fields.

“It is crucial to understand at which age and because of what particular influencing factors, children drift away from their career goals,” said Quigley. “This will enable counsellors, teachers and parents to offer proper guidance for students to make rational decisions about their vocational paths.”

“The ultimate aim of this project is to facilitate the country’s goal of increasing the number of Emirati teachers by 90 percent over the next decade,” said Dr. Abdulla Al Shamsi, Vice Chancellor of BUiD.

Statistics released by the Ministry of Education revealed that male Emirati teachers constitute only 11 percent of total number of teachers in government boys’ schools nationwide. Human resource and educational experts believe a key influencing factor is the availability of qualified expat teaching resource at lower wages.

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