Religion is not about a ‘soulless worship’

DUBAI — Why are Muslims being tortured, killed and humiliated in every nook and corner of the world, although they are promised victory in the Holy Quran? Are Muslims qualified to be God’s ‘viceroys’ on earth these days? Answers to these questions were explained at a lecture delivered at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce as part of the cultural programme of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award.

In his lecture “The Problem and Solution”, popular Syrian scholar Dr Mohammed Ratib Al Nabulsi, shed light on the reasons behind the sorry state of Muslims and the way out of that bind.

“Our God is the same one who promised and granted victory to Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) and his devoted companions. Failing to follow their path has led to the waning status of Muslims,” he explained.

Citing Verse 24/55 of the Quran, Dr Nabulsi said there are certain conditions for Muslims to become eligible for God’s support.

“Religion is not just soulless worship. Failing to properly understand and practise the teachings of Islam means deviation from the right path of victory.”

Dr Nabulsi said Allah can force all mankind to worship Him, but He rather wants willing and loving submission to His orders.”

Citing Verse 19/59, Dr Nabulsi said majority of the Muslims now do not properly perform prayer as it should be done; it does not influence their conduct for better.”

Being in the know of the heavenly instructions is not enough at all. “Failing to really know the Creator who gives orders, is another rationale for defeat and loss in life and the Hereafter,” he said.

Citing Verse 8/33, Dr Nabulsi said Allah shall never torture Muslims as long as Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is amongst them; not in person but by following his teachings.

Islam covers the details of human life and delineates more than 500,000 issues which thoroughly streamline all aspects of human life, he said.

Dr Nabulsi said that cooperation is a key element for success in both lives — this life and the hereafter.

“Innovation and creativity are only allowed in life-related matters,” he said.

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