Reckless youth annoy residents, endanger pedestrians in Fujairah

FUJAIRAH — Midnight races and stunts performed by abusive teenagers riding motorcycles, cars and beach buggies are disturbing the inhabitants of Kalbaa city and the Corniche in Fujairah. Apart from the commotion, residents out shopping or walking are feeling endangered by the risk of accidents.

These youngsters who are under-15 also put their own lives at risk by such reckless driving, residents told Khaleej Times. Anybody who raises the issue with these youth has to face their wrath and indecent utterances.

The annoyed inhabitants have requested the official bodies to take steps to stop this nuisance and increase the police patrols at night.

Hassan Hamdan, one of Kalbaa inhabitants said: "The problem here is becoming worse day after day, especially because the parents of those young people do not care about the consequences of such behaviour and the perils that their sons are exposed to.'' These boys perform crazy acrobatics with their vehicles endangering both themselves and the pedestrians, he pointed out reiterating his call to police officials to confiscate such two-wheelers and four-wheel drives.

Saed Hamdan, a resident of Al Qarm area, complained: "We really suffer from these purposeless night road races that are held along the Creek road till Kalbaa seaport." He said the youngsters are in fact misusing their beach buggies meant for the sandy areas, by riding them in other places to create noise and scare the inhabitants.

Those errant youngsters, he said, do not organise such races at Al Qarm area only but at various places in the city.

Muhammad Mousa who lives in Al Mureishad area of Fujairah said: "This category of youth always do whatever they like performing acrobatics in public places and offending and humiliating those whom they pass."

The inhabitants of the coastal road that leads to Kalbaa have been witness to such kinds of races around the same period every year following the end of the last semester of the academic year and the beginning of the next one.

Mousa noted that these races are organised on weekends, especially Thursdays and Fridays. ''We are afraid of being faced with those reckless drivers who compete with each other not caring for the lives of others,'' he said.

He said an effective way to curb and deter these groups of youth is to punish their parents for providing them with such cars and motorcycles. He also called on the security bodies to adopt strict measures including imposition of fines and seizure of their vehicles.

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