Ramadan recipe: Halloumi Salad

Ramadan recipe: Halloumi Salad

Treat your friends and family to this delicious and healthy salad this Ramadan.

Published: Sun 3 Jul 2016, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 3 Jul 2016, 2:00 AM

> 80 gm Mixed lettuce, chopped
> 40 gm Pickled beetroot, chopped
> 60 gm Halloumi cheese, sliced in thick chunks
> ¼ cup Pomegranate seeds
> 2 tbsp Roasted hazelnuts
> 4-5 Dates, deseeded and halved2 tbsp Mint leaves
> 4 Cherry tomatoes, halved
> 30gms Hazelnut dressing
> Small pita bread
> Sakura leaves, to garnish
For the hazelnut dressing:
> 200 ml Hazelnut oil
> 200 ml Olive oil
> 10 gms Dijon mustard
> 90 ml Balsamic Vinegar
> 90 ml Rice vinegar
> 10gms Sugar
For the hazelnut dressing, put all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl, excluding olive oil, and mix until well combined. Slowly whisk in the olive oil.
> In another large mixing bowl, toss the mixed lettuce with half of the dressing than place on a clean plate.
> In the same large mixing bowl, mix the pickled beetroot, pomegranate seeds, roasted hazelnuts, dates, mint leaves, cherry tomato halves and remaining hazelnut dressing.
> In a small pan on high heat, grill the halloumi.
> Garnish the salad with sakura leaves and once grilled, top with warm grilled halloumi.
Courtesy: Chef Aldo Volpi, Social House

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