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Ramadan Delights: Filets de saumon

Ramadan Delights: Filets de saumon

Cooking fish can be a hassle-free affair and we’ve got something for everyone here. The only question is: How do you like yours?

Published: Fri 26 Jun 2015, 10:15 AM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 3:15 PM


Photo by Juidin Bernarrd/ Khaleej Times



• 160 gm salmon fillet, portioned

• 100 gm green jumbo asparagus

• 80 gm confit tomatoes

• 10 gm peashoots, to garnish

• 1 lemon wedge

• 5 ml extra virgin olive oil

• Seasoning, to taste 

For the confit tomato:

• 5-6 mixed cherry tomatoes

• ½ a diced plum tomato

• 1 tsp corn oil

• 1 tbsp olive oil

• 1 sprig basil 


Make a confit tomato, with mixed cherry tomato, diced plum tomato, corn oil, olive oil, basil and seasoning. Warm the cherry and plum tomatoes with corn oil, till the cherry tomatoes splutter. Finish with olive oil and basil leaves.

Season the salmon and pan-sear it to make the skin crispy. Finish it in the oven at 180°C for 7 mins.

In the meantime, blanch the asparagus and arrange on a plate.

Place the salmon on it, drizzle olive oil over it and serve with confit tomatoes, peashoots and a lemon wedge on the side.

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