Ramadan 2018: Short films seek to spread awareness on social issues

Ramadan 2018: Short films seek to spread awareness on social issues

Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Judicial Department roll out short films as part of their Ramadan awareness campaign.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 28 May 2018, 10:22 PM

Last updated: Tue 29 May 2018, 12:25 AM

Judicial authorities in Abu Dhabi are spreading awareness about the dangers of fake investment portfolios, employing illegal workers and leaving children alone at home, through short films during the second week of Ramadan.

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department said they have rolled out three short films during this week as part of their Ramadan awareness campaign to promote legal awareness among people and maintain the nation's security.

The films, warning the public against the dangers of various crimes and negligence, are being broadcast on various television channels and on the judicial department's social media sites.

Among the short films is one that contains messages that warn the public against falling victims to fake business portfolios, where scamsters lure people into investing money in car deals and other businesses by promising huge profits and later cheat them. Officials said fake investment deals cause financial losses to the victims in addition to affecting the country's economy.

The second film shows the negative effects of hiring runaway housemaids or employing people staying illegally in the country, including risks of theft, violence and facing hefty fines.

In the third film, judicial authorities warn parents against negligence by leaving children alone in parked cars when the engine is working or forgetting a sleeping child in the rear seats of the car when the parents return home from an outing.

Judicial officials said the broadcasting of the awareness films began on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan for four times on Abu Dhabi Al Emarat, Sama Dubai and Sky News.

The awareness films are showed during the peak hours of the day during Ramadan.

The Ramadan awareness campaigns, which began in 2011, have achieved positive results in reducing crimes and committing traffic offences because they help sensitise members of the community, according to authorities.

The judicial department said the Ramadan awareness campaigns are intended to promote the legal culture among people and teaching them about becoming law-abiding citizens and residents, through various social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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