Ramadan 2016: Foods to AVOID in Suhoor

Ramadan 2016: Foods to AVOID in Suhoor
Avoid fried pakoras.

If you want to make it through this holy month, feeling healthy and fit, here are a few tips...

By Curated by Yousuf Saifuddin Kapadia

Published: Tue 7 Jun 2016, 2:11 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jun 2016, 2:15 AM

With soaring temperatures in the Middle East, including the UAE, it is vital to eat healthy, nutritious food in Suhoor which keeps the body nourished and hydrated during the day.
Suhoor should be a healthy - more than a hearty - meal to provide needed energy throughout a day of fasting, especially in this scorching heat where fasts will last as long as 15 hours.
If you want to end this holy month on a healthy and fit note, AVOID the following food items in Suhoor:
- Deep-fried foods: such as pakoras, samosas and fried dumplings.
- High-sugar and high-fat foods: including sweets such as gulab jamun, rasgulla among others.
- High-fat cooked foods: such as parathas, oily curries and greasy pastries
Instead, try these healthy alternatives
- Baked samosas and boiled dumplings
- 'Chapatis' made without oil baked or grilled meat and chicken
-  Homemade pastry using just a single layer milk-based sweets and puddings, such as rasmalai and barfee
Cooking methods to avoid
- Deep frying frying excessive use of oil, instead shallow fry, grilling or baking is healthier and helps retain the taste and original flavour of the food, especially with chicken and fish.
(source: National Healthy Service, UK)

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