RAK Women’s College students file complaint about course book

RAS AL KHAIMAH — A group of students from the RAK Women’s College (RWC) yesterday filed a complaint with the college administration claiming that one of the curricular books contained religiously and morally offensive material.

By Sadiq A. Salam

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Published: Mon 20 Mar 2006, 10:18 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:30 PM

The students claimed that the book, titled ‘Good News, Bad News’ and dedicated to teaching English language skills for the Foundation Year students, featured a map that did not mention the name of the UAE, although it mentioned the names of so many other countries. The map, which appears on page VIII in two colours — blue and green — also carries the name of Israel, while ignoring that of Palestine. “This is a blatant disregard to our national and religious values,” the students said in the plea.

They also added that Story No. 17 contained material that contradicted their religious and social values. The story, which appears on page 17, speaks about an affair between a young man and woman. The unit, which is called ‘Romeo, Romeo’, features a sentence that says: “Twenty-five-year-old Beth Corey went to the movies with her boyfriend.” The students said that the word ‘boyfriend’ implied a non-marital relationship, which is against their moral and religious convictions.

The book, which has been published by Oxford University Press in 72 pages, comprises 18 units and extra practice sections. This is in addition to an audio programme of the news stories in a cassette and compact disc featuring American, British, Australian and Asian newsreaders. Each three-page unit focuses on a story presented in a radio news format. Based on actual news reports, the course, which has been written by Roger Bernard, is intended for adults and young adults at the pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.

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