Quran award for nationals

DUBAI - A new category has been added to the Dubai International Holy Quran Awards - an award exclusively for UAE nationals - on instructions from General Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and UAE Minister of Defence, who is the founder of the award (DIHQA). Winners of the competition are given a cash reward of Dh20,000 each every year.

By A Staff Reporter

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Published: Tue 13 May 2003, 12:13 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:59 PM

The details of the annual award were unveiled at a Press conference here earlier this week. It was addressed by Ibrahim Bu Melha, Vice-Chairman of the Dubai Justice Department, Dubai Attorney-General and Chairman of DIHQA Organising Committee. He said yet another branch of DIHQA would be announced next week.

"The DIHQA, since its inception, had witnessed a steady growth, starting in its first year with the international memorisation competition and the honouring of the Islamic Personality of the Year. It was expanded in the second year to include a lectures programme; the third year with a local Holy Quran competition; and last year the Quran memorisation programme of prison inmates in Dubai," the Chairman of DIHQA said.

He stressed that the award scheme would continue to widen its scope and reach, "because we are intent on accomplishing the objectives for which this award was instituted by Gen. Shaikh Mohammed, namely serving Islam by spreading its teachings and encouraging the younger generations to memorise its holy book and abide by its rules and concepts." The introduction of the new branch of DIHQA, called 'Programme for Encouraging UAE Nationals to Memorise the Holy Quran' and the addition of a fourth branch to the local competition were among the several steps that were planned to achieve DIHQA goals, particularly among UAE nationals, he said.

Two separate administrative orders were issued by Mr. Bu Melha concerning the introduction of the new incentives which were regarded as a special surprise and gift from Gen. Shaikh Mohammed to the UAE Quran memorisers. Administrative Order No 5 of 2003 stipulates the establishment of the Programme for Encouraging UAE Nationals to Memorise the Holy Quran' and allocates an annual prize money of Dh20,000 for each memoriser who scores a minimum of 70 marks in the memorisation test.

The order entrusts the technical committee at DIHQA, headed by Dr Aref Al Shaikh, a board member, with the task of enlisting the UAE national memorisers every year, regardless of their gender and age, and forming two separate panels-- one for men and another for women -- to test the applicants. They should score 70 per cent of the marks to be eligible for the cash prize.

The order lists the conditions for applying to the award scheme, namely that the applicant should be a UAE national; should memorise the entire Holy Quran; should pass the test; should not have been a participant at the International Holy Quran Competition; and should not have been a winner of any of the three first prizes in the local competition.

The technical committee will announce through the media the date for applying for the competition, the date of the competition, and the date and venue of the honouring ceremony at which the winner will be awarded his prize.

Dr Al Shaikh told Khaleej Times that the programme aimed basically at enabling DIHQA to have a list of the number of local memorisers who learned by heart the 30 chapters of the holy book, motivate them to memorise and prepare and qualify them to take part in the International Holy Quran Memorisation Competition.

"We will declare every applicant a Hafez, who scores a minimum of 70 marks. All those scoring 70 marks and above will be awarded Dh20,000 each, irrespective of their number," Dr Al Shaikh said. Advertisements will be placed in the local media this week inviting the national memorisers of the Quran to apply.

Dr Al Shaikh spoke about the second incentive, which is the addition of a new category to the Local Holy Quran Competition as stipulated in order No 4 of 2003 issued by Mr. Bu Melha. Under the order, the local competition which covers the memorisation of the entire Holy Quran, the memorisation of 20 consecutive chapters and the memorisation of 10 consecutive chapters, will now open the door to memorisers of five consecutive chapters to apply for the competition.

While all the initial three categories are open to UAE citizens, men and women of all ages, as also expatriates, the participation in the new category of five chapters is restricted only to UAE nationals starting from the fifth cycle of the local competition next year.

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