Compiled by Karen Ann Monsy

1. In Roald Dahl’s The BFG, what does Sophie see the friendly giant blowing into the bedroom windows of kids down the street?

2. Who is the famous, gruff surgeon in Mary Mapes Dodge’s tale of Hans Brinker — the only one who can help treat Hans’ father?

3. “Weland gave the Sword, The Sword gave the Treasure, and the Treasure gave the Law. It’s as natural as an oak growing.” Which author penned these words and in which book?

4. Name the fictional character created by Astrid Lindgren who has superhuman strength and can lift a horse with one hand.

5. In Five Children and It, what do the five discover while playing in a gravel pit?

September 23 winner

Ajeeth Samuel

The winner of this quiz will receive a Dh100 gift voucher redeemable at any of Jashanmal’s Bookstores. If we receive more than one set of correct answers, the winner will be chosen out of a random draw. Send your entries with your full name and contact details to ktbooksquiz@gmail.com.

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