Compiled by Jethu Abraham

1. In the book Lipstick Jihad, what is the Iranian author Azadeh Moaveni trying to seek?

2. The Japanese documentary war novel, Burial in the Clouds, was based on the diary of Iwao Yoshii, a former Kamikaze pilot. The work was translated into English and later made into a movie by Shochiku. Who was the Japanese author of the book?

3. In Kunal Basu’s The Japanese Wife, an Indian man writes to a Japanese woman. She writes back. They fall in love and exchange vows in their letters, living their lives as man and wife without setting eyes on each other. What are their names in the novel?

4. South African novelist Kirsten Miller first shot to literary fame with her 2007 novel All is Fish. Where was the novel set?

5. Which Arab actor played the role of Doctor Zhivago in the famous movie adaptation of a Russian novel of the same name?

November 27 winner

Richa Quadros

The winner of this quiz will receive a Dh100 gift 
voucher redeemable at any of Jashanmal’s Bookstores. In case there are more than one set of correct replies, the winner will be chosen by a lucky draw. Send in your entries to ktbooksquiz@gmail.com, along with your full name, age and contact details.

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