Quick response neended

IT is always advisable for any authority concerned to respond and act effectively to resolve any public concern before it actually becomes a public worry. And by that count, we are of the firm opinion, the federal Ministry of Health (MoH) in the Emirates should take inflexible and immediate action to check any further influx of fake, duplicate, or substandard pharmaceutical drugs and products into the country.

By Catch Of The Day

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Published: Mon 5 Jun 2006, 10:44 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:20 PM

The series of seizure of counterfeit medicinal products, including commonly used drugs like Panadol, should have set the alarm bells ringing. That the joint operation conducted by the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Department of Dubai Customs and the MoE was such a success is some relief. But now is the time to react to the real magnitude of the problem and initiate stringent precautionary measures to ensure that public health is not endangered in the Emirates - under any circumstance.

That the authorities concerned in the UAE have the determination, the means and the inclination to do this, we are certain. But what is still required is a more dynamic cooperation between these various authorities so that a more effective joint surveillance can be mounted against such illegal practices and more deterrent action taken against all defaulters when they violate the law.

Given the facts that the stakes are so high in this particular context, when an entire public health mechanism can be put at risk by even a handful of unscrupulous manufacturers, dealers, importers and retailers of medicinal products and pharmaceutical drugs, we strongly advocate that the Ministry of Health (and, of course, the other authorities concerned) must quickly find a ‘cure’ for this deadly malady.

Obviously, the quicker we find a solution to this problem, the better. It should also be kept in mind that when it comes to combating the menace of fake drugs and medicinal products, the UAE will find many international agencies and organisations, already engaged in such operations, quite ready and willing to help out. All such available international aid and assistance should be taken if we have to win both the battle and the deadly war against fake drugs.

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