Private tuitions illegal, zones warn teachers

DUBAI — The Ministry of Education and Youth (MoEY), yesterday called all educational zones across the country to warn teachers against private tuition declaring it to be a punishable offence.

By Mohsen Rashid

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Published: Thu 23 Sep 2004, 12:47 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 2:47 PM

The Ministry's move was taken after Khaleej Times had taken pictures of notices advertising the availability of private tutors in the UAE.

When this reporter showed these pictures to the Minister of Education and Youth, Dr. Ali Abdul Aziz Al Sharhan, he said that such notices and advertisements tarnished the image of teachers. Dr. Sharhan said that the responsibility was with the respective educational zones to ensure that teachers to do not degrade their profession to such a large extent.

Dr. Jamal al Mohiri, under-secretary of the Ministry who issued the circular on the instruction of Dr. Sharhan wrote in the circular: “any teacher who was found to be involved in such shameful work would be liable to interrogation and termination of his services.”

The ministry urged all educational zones to caution the teachers from offering private tuition by putting ads in newspapers, in front of stores, book shops and buildings.

In its circular the ministry said such an act is a serious violation to the civil service statutes which prohibit employees at ministries and federal government departments to work after their official working hours in return for wages or without. The act, the circular said, violates the sanctity of the profession.

Khaleej Times, however, will elicit the opinions of the Minister of Education, undersecretary, assistant under-secretaries, directors of educational zones, officials from the Information Ministry and the Municipality in this regard.

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