Prisoners in escape bid slashed wrists; said they had HIV

DUBAI - The three prisoners who made a dramatic bid to escape from the Dubai Police Headquarters, earlier this week, had all suddenly whipped out razor blades and slashed their wrists claiming they were HIV patients in an attempt to threaten and hoodwink their police escort.


Amira Agarib

Published: Sat 5 Jul 2008, 1:58 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:02 PM

Police sources told Khaleej Times yesterday that while one prisoner, a UAE national named Khalid Hadad, did succeed in escaping in the chaos and confusion that followed, the other two prisoners were immediately overpowered and prevented from escaping. Also, they added, that Khalid who had escaped after assaulting two police officers with a metal bar was re-arrested from Ras Al Khaimah about seven hours later.

But before Khaled could be re-arrested, police sources said he had fled to Abu Hail area where he slashed a Pakistani driver with his blade, snatched his car and fled. Before proceeding to Ras Al Khaimah, Khalid also met two of his relatives who accompanied him to his mother's house in Sharjah.

The police have arrested the two relatives and both have been referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution for further action.

All three prisoners, it may be recalled, had been brought to the Dubai Police Headquarters for a blood and urine sample test following suspicions that they had consumed drugs while in prison. The police suspected drug consumption after an Asian national was caught recently attempting to smuggle drugs into the prison.

Meanwhile, both police officers who had suffered some lacerations and other injuries in the scuffle have been discharged from the hospital.

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