Prep for a better semester

Prep for a better semester
To ensure that your kids start off on the right foot, we recommend few tips that will boost your kid's brain and help them get back on track in no time.

Getting back into the study mode after a long holiday spell seems mundane and difficult. Now gear up for the next semester with some effective tips.

In less than a week, summer holidays will be over. Taking a break from school also means taking a break from studies. To ensure that your kids start off on the right foot, we recommend few tips that will boost your kid's brain and help them get back on track in no time.
Develop a study system: Not all organisational systems will work for all students. You should choose the ones that will work best with the kid's schedule and needs. Remember that learning to be organised takes time and practice. If a system doesn't work the first time you try it, try again. You may just need more time to become accustomed to it. Find the time of day that works best for you (this can change day-to-day, depending on the schedule), and make a plan to hit the books.
Avoid distractions in the study space: Choose a space that doesn't have a lot of tempting distractions available like a TV or a radio.
Get organised: Keep all of the books, notebooks, binders, and folders for each class together on a shelf, making it less likely for children to forget. Label the shelves to make it easier to find the right materials.
Reward yourself: Positive reinforcement is an amazing thing. When your kid has completed tasks, reward them in small ways. This can be anything from allowing to take a 10-minute break to treating yourself to a movie. This will help to avoid procrastination.
Schedule time to complete assignments: Determine their deadlines and estimate how long it will take to finish each one. Then, prioritise their tasks and set a clear schedule for helping them complete it.
Use an academic planner to keep track of the assignments, deadlines, and appointments: By having all this information in one place, you'll know exactly where to look to find out what you need to do.
Divide their study time into blocks separated by quick breaks: It is most effective to study in 30-45 minute blocks of time, allowing them quick 3-5 minute breaks in between study blocks. This approach gives you time to focus while also allowing time to relax and reenergize. Be careful though - you need to make sure that their quick breaks don't turn into longer procrastination breaks.
Teach them how to effectively communicate with teachers: The teachers are there to provide guidance and support. They want to see that your kid is interested in the class material and that you are driven to succeed. There's a good chance that a portion of the grades will be based on your class participation. By effectively communicating with your teachers, you can help maintain and increase your class grades.
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