Post Valentine’s love fest

Post Valentine’s love fest

Food has an incredible capacity to reach out and heal — so let the spirit of love live on in the food you make

By Kari Heron

Published: Fri 24 Feb 2012, 6:48 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 2:56 PM

I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but does the love have to leave with it? To be frank, I love Valentine’s. I love the passion and expression of love and kind sentiments… the good cheer and lightness of heart it brings. I am just punch drunk on love! I love love. What’s not to love about love?

In a world riddled with wars and rumours of wars, it is a lot less stressful to focus on the bright side or silver linings. Baking or cooking in the kitchen is far more relaxing and rewarding than sitting in front of the news channels with their 24-hour doom and gloom broadcasts. But if you had told me this a decade ago when I was in journalism school and totally devoted to current affairs, I would have called you crazy.

So what changed? Life. And love.

It seems like the more we pine after adrenaline-boosting mayhem and sensationalism, the more we get fed with it. Western news media define bad news as news and good deeds hardly make it to the prime time newscast. But sometimes, all we really need is a little love.

So, let’s use food as an excuse to spread the love of Valentine’s throughout the year.

Let’s make cupcakes for the children in the neighbourhood and teacakes for our neighbours.

I have become somewhat of an Aunty to five little children in my building because when I knock on their doors, they know that I have brought them a sweet treat. I don’t do it everyday, but I try to do it every few months at least. Their mothers are also happy that I remember their children and are relieved not to add baking and decorating cupcakes to their long list of things to do.

Last week Thursday, I came home at 10.30pm, but I was bent on making these cupcakes. I was tired, but I really wanted to be able to decorate and hand them out the next day so I pressed on. I made 12 cupcakes and we tasted two and gave away the rest. It was long hours of baking, making frosting, decorating and photographing, but each smile I received from each child made it all worthwhile.

Food helps us to connect even when language fails us. We may not understand each other’s words, but we all can read the eyes and smiles of someone who brings us food in love.

We never know when someone has had the worst news from home or about a job or a loved one and feels all alone.

That one individual sized teacake or box of cupcakes may just be enough to make someone’s day or even save their lives.

If you feel good about your life, spread that love to others. Share your food, invite friends over for meals during the busy week, have afternoon tea with your housewife friend or go out for drinks with your single workmates.

If you don’t have a cake to bake, then bring some special spiced teas and coffees, or even just a cup or mug so that the person may feel like someone cares whenever she/he has a sip!

Let’s just love all the way through the year!

· Kari is a Dubai-based journalist and photographer of the food blog Follow her on Facebook at and contact her at:


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