Pest control men sneak in cockroaches, bugs

SHARJAH & AJMAN - A large number of residents have been complaining that when representatives of pest control companies visit the residential buildings and slip pamphlets and flyers under the door, they also sneak in cockroaches and bugs that multiply very fast.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Fri 6 Jun 2008, 8:23 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:24 PM

The residents also said some of the pest control companies were using pesticides that caused skin irritation and were even found ineffective in killing insects.

Some of the registered pesticide companies, however, allege that those who indulged in such practices were not licensed, nor do they have the approval of the municipality to carry on their business.

The municipality, on the other hand, finds it hard to believe that unlicensed pest control companies were operating.

Sumia Sameer, a resident of Al Zahra area in Sharjah, said she noticed a lot of cockroaches near the entrance to her apartment and found a pesticide company's flyers offering discounts for pest control services.

Umm Saeed, a housewife living in Ajman, said some pesticide company personnel place the insects at the doorsteps or pay money to the watchman to do so. Some of the residents of the building noticed that and reported the matter to the municipality.

Khaula Al Ameer from Sharjah said the pest control companies that distribute flyers in residential buildings used low quality pesticides resulting in skin irritation to her children.

Despite the company's promise that the insects would not re-appear in the apartment for at least six months, Khaula alleged that there was a rise in the number of cockroaches after the spraying.

Cheap chemicals?

Samira Mohammed, owner of Al Anwar Pest Control Company in Sharjah, pointed out that many individuals who do not have experience of pest control services buy cheap a chemical, add water to it and distribute flyers carrying their mobile number.

She added that when the residents call these 'pest controllers', they come and spray pesticide or claim that they are using gel that is safe for children. Since most of the residents do not have a clue about the service, they just pay them the money in the hope that their accommodations would be free of cockroaches and bugs.

Municipality officials in Sharjah and Ajman said that during inspections many companies were found operating without licence and using pesticide material that could be considered hazardous to public health. Some companies were found to be using pesticide materials that could cause cancer and other diseases.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Abdullah Al Nabouda, Head of Solid Wastes Section in Sharjah Municipality, said there were only 62 licensed and approved pest control companies operating in the emirate. The municipality, however, tracked down many illegal companies by obtaining their numbers and information from the flyers and media advertisements.

According to administrative order No19 issued by the municipality in 1994, the pest control companies are not allowed to use pesticide materials that have not been tested and approved by the municipality.

All pesticide materials being imported are subjected to analysis conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Water which does not allow any pesticide material to enter the country if it is not approved by WHO and FAO.

Khaled Al Houseny, head of the Health Directorate in Ajman Municipality, said the municipality had recently fined a number of pest control companies for using pesticide materials that were considered hazardous for public health.

The municipality has also cracked down on pest control companies operating in the emirate without licence.

Al Houseny said the municipality had now made it mandatory for all commercial and industrial companies based in the emirate to hire pest control companies only after the municipality's approval. This, he said, was being done to ensure public health and safety.

The pest control companies have also been asked to hire professional and experienced personnel. They are also expected to have their offices and warehouses away from the city.

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