Personalising loyalty

Personalising loyalty
EXCLUSIVE: The best personalisation platforms track on-site and customer data points in real-time to deliver a unique experience to each site visitor.

Personalisation is key to any brand effectiveness. Understanding this mindset, Yegertek's customer engagement solutions aim to enrich individual user experience in the Middle East

Launched in 2018 by Levtech Consulting, a Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle member and gold partner, Yegertek is armed with a mission to provide the Middle East retail sector with comprehensive tech support within the e-commerce, CRM, mobility, loyalty, analytics and customer engagement space.
It does this through the implementation of analytics and digitisation that allow businesses to gain a rich understanding of, and anticipate, the behaviour of customers, as well as the ability to respond appropriately. 
"The contemporary customer has transcended the traditional loyalty behaviours that previous generations of businesses could leverage. Given the huge amount of choices that are available at the touch of a screen, the modern retail business needs to treat the whole world as its competition," said Sajid Azmi, CEO, Yegertek.
Access is no longer an issue for the client. So how does a business thrive in such an environment? According to Azmi, simply providing cost advantages to customers is not the answer. 
"For one thing, no business model can sustain such a race to the bottom indefinitely. For another, customers have repeatedly expressed the willingness to pay a premium for personalised services and products that address their needs, according to multiple industry surveys," he said.
He continued that accurate analysis and deep insights into the market allows businesses to be able to identify and address these needs that their customers are willing to go the extra-mile for. Standing apart should be a businesses' goal, rather than undercutting the market. 
"Digitisation introduces capabilities that are necessary to gain such insights, create a relationship with customers that is based on continuous access, as well as to respond effectively and quickly," he said. 
Engagement programme solutions
Most progammes are not able to show the ROI for the business, which leads the businesses to believe that customer loyalty and engagement is just another cost centre, adding to liability of the company. "Beyond that, the rigidness and lack of flexibility in programme makes the businesses use one-size-fits-all approach. Yegertek with its consulting approach and the flexibility of the Engage 365 solution backed by ML-based customer analytics is able to bridge this gap," said Mohammed Zain, director - consulting.
Personalised approach 
Yegertek uses its website, social media platforms, print and digital media to engage with its users. Today, it sees a large number of inbound interest into its offerings across these channels, which signifies that the content across these channels is able to create a connect with business seekers seeking answers and solutions to enable them to onboard or enhance their customer engagement strategy.
"As in other global markets, the Middle East retail sector is being redefined by the rapid expansion of e-commerce, fundamental changes in customer behaviour, an erosion of traditional brand loyalties, and the need to deliver personalised products and services. The regional industry is being challenged to evolve in keeping with these factors and create customer experiences that leverage emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and beacons, as well as state-of-the-art strategies," Zain said.
Yegertek's Engage 365, in conjunction with the Microsoft CRM eco-system, empowers the Middle East retail sector through a contextualised and holistic view of customers and the means to respond to their expectations effectively.
Engage 365 
Yegertek's core customer engagement solution, Engage 365, takes into account the specific requirements of the retail industry, as a CRM and customer loyalty tool. It leverages the established strength of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM modules, and has been refined further using multiple client interactions over several years, as use cases that drove iteration and development. 
"Building on the premise that customer retention is considerably superior in return of interest (ROI), in comparison to acquisition, Engage 365 allows retail and hospitality businesses to use business intelligence and machine learning-based solutions to optimise their customer engagement and retention strategies," said Azmi.
Engage 365's loyalty rule engine allows businesses to personalise interactions with their customers, across all their digital channels, and deliver effective rewards. 
"Yegertek has been successful in using the Engage 365 solution to build retail loyalty solutions, online loyalty programmes and preferred restaurant loyalty programmes, for businesses in the UAE," he added.
E-commerce solutions  
Apart from the Engage 365 solution, Yegertek also helps clients create state-of-the-art omnichannel e-commerce experiences across B2C, B2B, C2B and C2C needs. From conceptualisation and activation of the stand-alone ecommerce to expanding the brick-and-mortar identity to the digital world for e-commerce, Yegertek uses software like Magento and NopCommerce to create the complete ecommerce ecosystem for its clients. 
"We currently cater to retailers, hospitality, food and beverages, and distribution companies in their expansion to the e-commerce world," Zain said. 
Essentials of brand building 
According to Azmi, businesses across industry sectors and markets are realising that nurturing customer loyalty is perhaps the most efficient return on a marketing investment that there is. 
"With the evolution of the modern customer introducing an unprecedented emphasis on personalisation of products and services, businesses can no longer afford to estimate or guess the strategies they need to employ. Neither is an over-dependence on prior experience very advisable, given that customer behaviours are changing rapidly, and individual segments and demographics can have substantial variations in preferences," he said. 
Both Azmi and Zain believe that modern business is now realising the need for granular and contextualised customer data that needs to be turned into insights, in order to allow the organisation to be responsive in real time.

Sajid Azmi, CEO, Yegertek
Sajid Azmi, CEO, Yegertek
Mohammed Zain, director — consulting, Yegertek
Mohammed Zain, director — consulting, Yegertek

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