'Peeche dekho, Peeche toh dekho'

Peeche dekho, Peeche toh dekho
Ahmed Shah

Four-year-old Ahmed Shah from Pakistan has stolen the hearts of many with his antics on social media

By Ayisha Alka

Published: Wed 14 Aug 2019, 5:28 PM

Last updated: Wed 14 Aug 2019, 7:40 PM

"De wapis," retorted the furious young boy to his teacher as she refuses to return his bag, simply to watch his angry expression. She laughed as she kept stalling him, asking why he needed it repeatedly. That young boy has turned out to become a sizzling internet sensation, labelling him as "the angry kid" in the subcontinent.
Ahmed Shah is a chubby four-year-old with round glasses, bringing many people around the world in awe as they watch him glare at people triggering his emotions, only to see the hot-headed child's cute face.
  As the internet explodes with cute baby faces, Ahmed made his unexpected appearance, now being one of the most famous kids on social media. He rose to fame when his teacher posted a video of Ahmed furiously asking for his bag back, which fluttered the hearts of many.
Ahmed Shah hails from the city of Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan. Apart from being famous in his own home country, his videos have also reached the UAE and other countries. The most widespread video was one in which he used his classic statement - "peeche dekho, peechey toh dekho", where he was dressed in a brown pathan suit, talking and babbling whilst the video was quickly shared among countless numbers.
The young kid's very anger brings many to have a good laugh - some even consider his cute talk to be a stress buster. Not only is he cute, but also innocent as people play around with his anger, offending some as the boy is refused his favourite stuff just to watch his reaction - however, many find it to be soothing. In fact, it would be hard to deny that young Shah isn't having fun himself - being an internet star has attracted him a lot of attention; he has even gained celebrity fans apart from the general public fawning over his videos, including Mahira Khan.
Although some think that the boy may be exploited to be a form of entertainment for the media, Shah has undoubtedly won many people's hearts over his charming yet angry attitude as the darling of social networking platforms.
He has also starred alongside TV host and actress Nida Yasir in a cooking oil commercial, which made him more viral than ever as he asks the actress in the commercial to turn around while he takes a juicy bite of a chicken drumstick.
Shah has also been featured in multiple television programmes, including Good Morning Pakistan, a show hosted by Nida Yasir, where his toys were snatched and the adorable chubby Shah had to retaliate to get them back after entertaining the audience.
His uncle currently handles his social media platforms, posting occasional latest videos of the boy speaking and babbling on the screen. Despite kids of popular celebrities usually given the spotlight on social media, young Shah, an ordinary four-year-old has been cast a shine for his irritable cuteness.

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