Paying Dh300 to repair a Dh300 washing machine

ABU DHABI — Residents have complained that they have to dish out a lot of money for having their electronics goods serviced.

By Adel Arafah

Published: Mon 9 Apr 2007, 9:27 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 1:38 AM

Sadiyya Al Maghrabi says recently she had to pay Dh300 to repair her washing machine purchased at the same price. When she asked the agent why he was charging so much, he said she could report the matter to the police if she wished so.

“The issue is very serious as owners of the electronics repair stores are well aware that customers do not know anything about maintenance,” says Ibrahim Mattar Al Nauimi, a UAE national.

Al Nauimi feels the absence of government control over electronics repair shops is the reason why such shops demand exorbitant fees.

Sayed Al Hareef, who owns an electronics repair shop, says they often have to raise their charges to offset the spiralling hike in rents.

Asked about measures being taken to control such shops, the head of the Consumer Protection Section at the Department of Planning and Economy in Abu Dhabi, said, “The department is now working on regulations of the new federal consumer protection law. The regulations will specify prices of maintenance services which will curb hike in fees charged by such shops.” Consumers can also call on the toll-free telephone number, 8008811, to lodge complaints.

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