Passengers kept in dark about re-routing of AI flight

CONCERNED about the inconvenience experienced by his friend while travelling from Dubai to Pune, Rajeev decided to call Khaleej Times' Complaints Hotline to report the recent incident.

By Complaints Corner

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Published: Thu 27 Jul 2006, 11:47 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 1:47 PM

Rajeev echoed the sentiments of P.K. Hegde, who was still in India at the time the call was made.

"My friend travelled from Dubai to Pune on July 6 on board Air India's AI718 flight. According to his itinerary, the aircraft was supposed to fly first to Pune before Bombay. But on the departure day, he learned that the itinerary has been changed to Dubai-Bombay-Pune. This sudden change has caused him great inconvenience," Mr. Rajeev narrated.

He added that Hegde was not informed prior to his date of departure about the re-routing of his flight.


IN A statement sent to Khaleej Times, Sandhya Dhoble, Customer Relations Manager of Air India Limited explained that the re-routing of the direct flight on July 6 was done due to operational considerations following the unfavourable weather condition that some portions of India experienced during the first week of July.

The airline, Dhoble explained, had to change its aircraft in Mumbai as a result of flight disruptions experienced during the bad weather in the area.

"This re-routing was made known to us on the morning of July 6 and same was informed to Sujeeva on the contact number given to us in his (P.K. Hegde's) booking PNR," Dhoble wrote.

The customer relations manager conveyed the airline's apologies for the inconvenience experienced to their passengers when their flight had to be re-routed.

"In order to ensure that our passengers reach their destination with minimum discomfort, Air India scheduled a service from Mumbai to Pune with flight departure from the same airport," she added.

No one is locked up in UAE without evidence

MARO Nana called up from the Dubai women's jail claiming that she had been kept behind bars for the past 108 days. "My roommate and I had been locked up without any evidence," she alleged.

"When they apprehended me they took all the money I had in my pockets. My family is in a very bad condition in Ghana, I kept that money to send it to them but the police people confiscated it," she complained.


DIRECTOR of women's jail Fawzia Al Mulla said that no person is kept in prison without committing a crime or without evidence on which the courts base their sentences. "The Department of Punitive and Corrective Authority is an executive body," she said, observing that if any prisoner has such a complaint, he/she should address it to the concerned departments.

"The doors of the officials are always open for all. The complainant should go through the proper channels in submitting their complaints. The UAE is a country of justice and the authorities concerned work on safeguarding all people's rights," she stressed.

Problem with mobilephone calls

ALI Akbar from Dubai said that since the past four to five months, he had been facing a problem while making calls from his mobile phone. He said that 10-15 per cent of his phone calls get hung, which means that either he could not listen to the other person's voice or vise versa.


AN OFFICIAL at Etisalat said that they are investigating the complaint as to whether this problem is area specific or a general problem. Generally, it does not happen and such hearing problems arise out of faulty handsets only.

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