Parents call for second shift in kg

DUBAI - Indian schools must start a second shift to solve the capacity issue at the kindergarten (KG) level suggest a majority of parents who participated in an online survey by Khaleej Times.

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Published: Thu 28 Jan 2010, 10:18 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 2:38 PM

Kindergarten students in a Asian school.—KT photo by M. Sajjad

Getting a child admitted to kindergarten at Indian schools has become a long and taxing process which translates into advance planning that, in the end, still boils down to luck say KT readers.

“The only solution is to have shifts to manage the capacity issue for lower classes,” said Sheela Prem.

“Provided the management has the staff and budget.”

Abdul Lathif said a two shift system will also bring down the fees.

Manish Gupta said schools should enhance their infrastructure and apply a shift system. “No such parent who has chosen a school for his child should be disappointed due to capacity,” he said.

A majority of the respondents prefer the interview procedure for selection rather than the lottery.

“Admission process must be based on merit not lottery as ultimately merit prevails,” said Firoz Md. Mallick.

Respondent Ajaz said the rush to certain schools for admissions is due to the huge fees disparity.

“Expatriates want to enroll their kids in a schools that charges less fees but provides good education,” he said. “This is the main issue for overcrowding at particular schools.”

Abu Dhabi based readers said the capital faces a major shortage of Indian schools, something that needs to be addressed by the authority and Indian Embassy. “The are very few schools in the city,” said Rekha. “Moreover, parents do not prefer to send small kids to Mussafa. We parents are unable to find a solution.”

Education is not something that you can compromise said Thareef. “Authorities should monitor the demand and increase the capacity of seat or create new schools to overcome this problem,” he said.

Parent Laila believes parents should admit children who are above the age of four to kindergarten to solve the capacity issue.

Readers’ Comments on Kindergarten Survey

Do you have a preferred Asian school for your child’s admission?

Are you facing difficulties in securing a seat in kindergarten at an Asian school?

Have you applied to more than one school for admissions?

Will it be a reason to worry if your child does not secure a seat at the school you have applied at this year?

What method of selection for kindergarten would you prefer?

Would a shift system at schools help manage the capacity issue?

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