Pakistan's tallest man unable to find bride


Pakistans tallest man unable to find bride

Multan - Rashid's height has now become a hurdle in finding a match for him.

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Published: Tue 22 Jan 2019, 2:58 PM

Last updated: Tue 22 Jan 2019, 5:02 PM

Pakistan's 23-year-old Zia Rashid has a towering stature, literally, as he measures a massive eight feet in height. Although he is quite popular with people often asking to pose for a selfie with him, Rashid's height has now become a hurdle in finding a match for him.
Rashid who hails from Multan in Pakistan's Punjab province, is only three inches short of surpassing the world record for the tallest man. The current title-holder is a Turkish farmer, Sultan Kösen, who stands at 8 feet 2.82 inches tall.
"I've not been able to find my life partner so far. I've not found someone who is tall enough for me. It is almost impossible. Also, my family has struggled to find a match for me. They took my marriage proposal to several families but no one showed interest in me," Daily Mail quoted Rashid as saying. He added that currently he has given up on the idea of getting married. "Personally, I've stopped thinking about it," said Rashid.
Besides finding love, Rashid is unable to buy readymade garments and has to get clothes custom-made according to his size, while his shoes are brought in from Karachi. But it is the public transport that worries him the most. "The biggest problem for me is I can't travel on public buses. I can't sit in the seats because there is not enough leg space in public buses," he said.
Rashid was like any other normal child until he was 10 years old. "At the age of 10, suddenly my height started increasing. My whole body became weak. Doctors said the weakness was due to calcium deficiency and advised me to eat calcium rich food. But within a year, I became tallest person in our family," Rashid revealed.  
His massive height has left Rashid without a job and is now hopeful the local government will recognise his uniqueness and offer him a job. The silver lining for Rashid is that over the years due to his increased popularity, he has been invited to several private events in Dubai and Saudi Arabia with a recent invitation from Zimbabwe.
"Despite all the odds, I feel proud of my height. I feel proud that I'm different from others. It gives me a lot of happiness that because of my height people come and take selfies with me. I get a lot of love and attention from people and that makes me feel proud," Rashid said.

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