Pakistani held for murder of Omani

AJMAN – A 43-year-old Pakistani has been arrested on charges of murdering his Omani friend, whose body was found in his room at the Al Rayaan Hotel in Ajman with wounds all over.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 25 May 2005, 11:26 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:31 PM

According to Brigadier Rashid Jasim Muglad, Director of Criminal Research Section of Ajman Police, the Pakistani, in a drunken rage, used a broken whisky bottle to assault the Omani after the latter accused him of stealing Dh500. He was arrested after thorough investigation, which revealed that both men were drinking when the incident occurred.

The forensic report revealed that the man’s death was caused by blood poisoning, which occurred due to the wounds remaining untreated for three days.

Brig. Muglad said the victim’s room-mate called up the Ajman Police after he found his friend’s body in the room. He, however, refused to confirm if there was a clash with someone. Following a lead provided by a health card found in the victim’s pocket, police checked with the clinic where they were informed that the victim had come to them for treatment, but the hospital had refused in the absence of a police report.

Brig. Muglad said the victim subsequently came to the hotel room and slept. The room-mate, also an Omani, informed the police about the victim’s friends who visited him regularly. One of them informed the police there was a clash, and that the Pakistani had attacked him with the broken bottle following the accusation.

The Ajman police team headed by Major Abdullah Saif, Head of the investigation section, in coordination with Dubai Police, arrested the assailant in Karama and he confessed to the crime. The case was then referred to Ajman Public Prosecution which charged him with attempt to murder under the influence of alcohol.

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