Pakistani expatriates go blogging on emergency

DUBAI — Pakistani youngsters are making the maximum use of the Internet and expressing their views on their country’s situation via blogs.


Asma Ali Zain

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Published: Thu 8 Nov 2007, 8:48 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 4:35 AM

In Dubai, several Pakistani expatriates, especially the youth, say that they have found the Internet, especially the blog sites, a unique channel for communicating with their fellow countrymen during this hour of crisis.

Says 20-year-old Nida, “I have been keeping in touch with my friends through the Internet. It was one of them who introduced me to a blog called Pakistani Spectator where expatriates are allowed to express their views on the imposition of emergency in the country.

“We all know that there are restrictions on the media in the country and in some parts, there are no Internet connections. But we have no problem in Dubai. Therefore, through the blogs, we are passing information on the current situation to those unable to receive balanced news coverage in the country.

“I have got a lot of feedback on the current situation in Pakistan, especially how people are reacting to the situation and whether the emergency has made any difference to their daily routines.”

For 18-year-old student Yasir Khan, blogging is the best way to express his feelings on Pakistan’s political situation. “Being in Dubai, I have no way of participating in politics, though I sincerely wish I could. So, I and my friends thought hard about it and decided to put our thoughts on blogs that would not be censored by any general,” he said.

Businessman Farhat Alvie says that blogs are the best form of communicating with the Pakistani community world over. “We know that the situation in the country may not be conducive for freedom of expression, but I stay updated by chatting and posting my views on different blogs,” he said.

Some interesting views posted by Pakistani bloggers on different blogs from around the world, including Dubai, are:

“Capital Islamabad is practically sealed off by the security forces and they are present at every important and unimportant government building. All the news cable channels are off air, and many web sites are blocked. We are tasting Myanmar right here in Pakistan now,” posts Ghazala Khan.

Rubab: “When the revolution comes some of us will probably catch it on state-owned Pakistan Television.

Anonymous: “Salute to lawyers who manifested they are a live community. By going through the international media, it looks the future of the ‘emergency’ is dark. This was last attempt by (President) Gen (Pervez) Musharraf to save himself but with increasing agitation by lawyers and intensifying condemnation by international community, I foresee Mush has to step down soon. The positive outcome of this situation would be the end of his associate political party. In reality that is not a party at all but only a congregation of opportunists. I am so happy to see how our literate citizens reacted on the step taken on November 3.

“Dear readers, please do not get frustrated. Inshallah things will get better very soon. I pray those brave and great judges, who did not take oath under PCO, may get restored (be reinstated) in their offices. The nation needs them.”

Prof. Armughan Khan: “So are we still living in the stone age. No problem, I will go back to my cave, or should I go back to grave?”

Dr Ayesha: “We just dropped dead, didn’t even squeak when our basic rights were snatched.”

Saad Rafique: “There are several indicators of a failed state. Emergency is one of them.”

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