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PM’s Special Envoy in the Gulf region, Ambassador JavedMalik, meets Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in PM House Islamabad.
PM's Special Envoy in the Gulf region, Ambassador JavedMalik, meets Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifin PM House Islamabad.

The present government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is committed to restoring the stability and improving the law and order in all cities of Pakistan

By Javed Malik

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Published: Fri 14 Aug 2015, 11:28 AM

Last updated: Fri 14 Aug 2015, 1:34 PM

Every year when the people of Pakistan celebrate their Independence Day, they do so with a renewed sense of patriotism. August 14 reminds them of the sacrifices of our founding fathers who struggled to carve a separate homeland for the Muslims of South Asia. It is also a day of reflection when we take stock of how close we have come towards building the progressive, prosperous and stable Pakistan, envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who left us with a clear roadmap enshrined in the principles of unity, faith and discipline.
On this day we also pay tribute to the men and women who continue their struggle for 'Jinnah's Pakistan' to this day. We feel proud that we can hold our heads high and say that despite challenges, the country has established itself as a democracy, and the people are fully empowered to choose their own leaders. The recent decision by the Judicial Commission, in which the transparency of the last general election was established beyond doubt, has renewed our confidence not only in our elected leaders, but also in the independence of judiciary. We are working hard to improve our governance and build a system that ensures the provision of education, employment and opportunities to all our citizens.
The National Action Plan to restore stabliity
The present government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is committed to restoring the stability and improving the law and order in all cities of Pakistan. In order to address the issue of extremism, the political and military leadership of the country worked together to evolve the "National Action Plan". This was successfully executed across Pakistan, thanks to the tremendous work by our armed forces, rangers, the police and all law enforcement authorities who ensured that peace and stability are restored in the metropolis of Karachi. The successful execution of the operation Zarb-e-Azb by the brave armed forces of Pakistan has broken the back of extremist elements.
According to international observers, Pakistan is moving steadily towards stability. The entire nation and state institutions stand behind their government and armed forces. This is evident from the recent historic move by the Supreme Court as they upheld the decision to set up Military courts, which would provide speedy justice. This is a landmark decision that has been appreciated across the country, as it established without doubt that there is no room for extremism in Pakistan of today.
Emerging economy
The government has been following prudent and dynamic policies to revive the country's economy, restore investor confidence and expand our trade. Today, Pakistan is being recognised as an emerging economy on the global scale. Our foreign exchange reserves stand at the highest levels in history. Foreign investors are showing confidence in Pakistan, which is evident from the massive investment from China in building the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, set to be a game changer for Pakistan and the region.
The government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif remains committed to providing incentives to businessmen from within and outside Pakistan. All government departments have been directed to facilitate investors and encourage entrepreneurs by creating a business-friendly environment. The government is following policies of liberalisation, de-regulation and transparency, and efforts are being undertaken to improve governance.
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has emerged as a megaproject, which will connect the Gawadar Port to China through a network of roads, trains and pipelines. This would provide the much-needed access to China, boost the trade and communication between the two countries, and also enable China to transport gas, oil and other products to the world through the state-of-the-art port. The estimated $46-billion investment coming from China will open the door to abundant opportunities for Pakistan, create thousands of jobs, and in general, boost Pakistan's economy.
A promising future
As we celebrate our Independence Day this year, we do so with a growing sense of pride as we see our country emerging as a stable democracy that believes in empowering its people through education, employment and entrepreneurship. Our political and military leadership are on the same page and working closely together in building a stable and crime-free Pakistan with zero tolerance for extremism and corruption.
Our economy is showing visible changes of improvement, trade is on the rise, and foreign exchange reserves stand at the highest level in excess of $18 billion. International investors are showing growing confidence in the opportunities in our country.
As a nation of 200 million people, we celebrate our independence with a sense of pride in our nation ever more than before.
The writer is the Prime Minister's Special Envoy in the Gulf region and can be contacted on or Twitter: @JavedMalik 

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