Only 33 licensed institutes in UAE

DUBAI — Only 33 higher education institutions in the country have been licensed to date by the Ministry of Education with four more in the pipeline, and some 164 programmes are accredited by the Ministry’s Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) with 18 more in the process, Professor Badr Aboul-Ela, Member of the CAA in Dubai, has said.

By Meraj Rizvi

Published: Mon 27 Jun 2005, 10:51 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:11 PM

Professor Badr, who addressed a large group of parents and students at a seminar organised by Skyline College in Dubai on Saturday, clarified doubts and queries on the status of higher education institutions in the country and their recognition by the ministry. He also explained the criteria for attestation of degrees and certificates issued by recognised higher education institutions in the UAE and the importance of attested certificates in seeking jobs both in the government and private sectors as well as pursuing higher studies within and outside the country.

Professor Badr detailed the Commission’s role in streamlining the quality and standards of higher education institutions in the country. He said the licensure and CAA accreditation rules apply to all universities and colleges operating in the UAE as well as those operating in the Free Zones of various emirates.

“No college or university located in the Free Zones of Dubai or any other emirate is above the accreditation rules,” he disclosed, cautioning parents and students to ensure that they join only accredited and recognised institutions in the UAE.

Several universities and colleges operating as branch campuses of reputed foreign institutions also need to be accredited by the CAA to ensure that the campus in the UAE is licensed by the Ministry of Education and will offer quality programmes and maintain high academic standards, the professor pointed out.

He admitted that there were several universities and colleges operating without being accredited by the Commission, but it will be the students who will suffer in future because credits of non-accredited institutions cannot be transferred for higher studies in accredited institutions within the UAE. Besides, the degrees will also not be recognised and accepted by institutions overseas if they are not attested by the Ministry in the UAE.

He said the Foreign Affairs Ministry in the UAE will attest only those locally issued degrees of institutions which are recognised by the Ministry of Education. Degrees issued by branch campuses of overseas institutions not recognised by the ministry will not be attested.

Professor Badr also briefed parents and students on the benefits of accreditation bodies which are now increasing all over the globe. He said that accredited UAE degree programmes are now internationally recognised as programmes of high quality and had benefitted students as well as employers.

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