One Year Jail Term for Premeditated Murder

DUBAI — The Court of Appeal upheld on Tuesday the one year jail sentence given by a lower court to the son of 
a diplomat.

By Mary Nammour

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Published: Thu 27 Aug 2009, 12:06 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:24 AM

According to the court ruling, the accused carried out the premeditated murder of a man by stabbing him with a knife.

The court heard that the victim, an Emirati, was dating the sister of the defendant, a 20-year-old student and the son of a Kuwaiti diplomat.

The student was sentenced on June 9 to one year in jail by the Court of First Instance.

The court also ordered for the knife used in the murder to be seized by the police. Court records tell that the student killed the Emirati by stabbing him four times on November 10 last year when he caught him — the victim — trying to sneak his way out from his villa in Umm Suqeim. During the trial, the student pleaded not guilty to premeditated murder.

He told the court that he killed the victim as he thought he was an intruder in his villa.

He said he did not know he was his sister’s boyfriend. “I tried to protect myself when I saw a stranger in the house at a very late hour that day.”

Counsel Obeid Ali Obeid, who represents the student, pleaded to the court to acquit his client.

“My client was taken by surprise when he saw an intruder in his house at a late hour. He did not know what was really going on. His action came spontaneously to defend himself and the other members of the family.”

Obeid said that the student’s actions were impulsive rather than intentional or planned in advance. “He did not have the victim as a target to murder. He saw him for the first time that night.”

The lawyer stressed that the defendant got confused and scared.

“He took the stranger in his house for a potential thief or a sexual offender. He wanted to fend off potential harm that could have happened to his sister who was there.” The Public Prosecution charged the defendant’s sister with having illicit consensual sex with the 35-year-old victim. She was referred in absentia to the Court of Misdemeanors on the charge of having sex out-of-wedlock.

The surgeon, who received the victim at the Iranian hospital, stated in the Public Prosecution interrogations that he tried to revive the victim.

“His situation was very bad as he was bleeding a lot from his abdomen, liver and chest. He died 10 minutes later.”

The victim’s cousin, a police officer, stated in the court that at about 5.30am that day he received a call from the victim who reportedly was speaking breathlessly.

“He came to me in Jumeirah. He was bleeding a lot and his shirt was tainted with blood. He asked me to take him to the hospital as he could not drive anymore.”

The witness said the victim told him that his girlfriend’s brother stabbed him. The defendant’s sister, a 23-year-old unemployed Kuwaiti, told the interrogators that she was in a relationship with the victim for about a year.

“On that night I received a call from the victim at about 1.30am saying that he would come to see me. I thought he was joking until he surprised me by coming to my room.”

As per her statement to the interrogators, she tried to let her boyfriend walk out of the house unnoticed that night but her attempts did not work.

Her brother was roaming all around the house especially near her room as he if he was suspicious of something.

As soon as the victim went to the house basement she heard her brother screaming.

The student told the Public Prosecution interrogators that on that night he suspected his sister was hiding a pet or a person in the villa as she was behaving weirdly.

She was opening and closing her room several times. He waited near the elevator and stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife.

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