One-year jail for robbing employer

DUBAI - The Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday sentenced M.M.R., a 24-year-old Iranian national, to one year in prison for stealing $13,000 from his employer's car. The defendant, who worked for a mobile phone company in Sharjah, went to lunch with his boss and another man. His boss, S.G.R. parked his car near a shopping mall and entered the restaurant. The defendant was late in arriving.

By A Staff Reporter

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Published: Thu 2 Oct 2003, 12:37 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 11:24 PM

When S.G.R. went back to his car he found a grey sports bag missing from the car. The bag contained $13,000, Dh55, and 10 Thuraya phone cards. The victim of the theft reported that the defendant was the only person who could have stolen the bag.

In another case, the court sentenced E.M.A., a 27-year-old UAE national, to time already served on charges of theft and consumption of alcohol. The defendant accosted a taxi driver and stole Dh4,250 from his wallet with the help of two Russian women.

The taxi driver and victim in this case stopped at a building in Frij Murar area of Dubai to drop a customer who asked him to wait for him. After a while, the taxi driver was tired of waiting and went up into the building to look for his customer. When he reached the second floor, he was shocked to be pushed by two women and a local man into an apartment, where they deprived him of his wallet.

The defendant noticed his wallet was missing only after the man and the two women left the building. He went after the local man and asked him to return his wallet. The local man threw his wallet on the ground. The victim picked up the wallet and found over Dh4,000 missing. The man then gave him Dh200 and asked him to leave. The taxi driver then informed the police.

Convicted of fraud

The court also sentenced S.A.S., a 23-year-old Syrian national, to time already served for using a driving licence belonging to another person to rent a car and for refusing to pay the money he owed to the car rental office.

The defendant filled in the car rental form and wrote the name of the driving licence holder on the form in order to get a vehicle from the company. He refused to pay Dh5,580 which he owed the company.

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