Omni World Holdings (Omni): Investment potential in Azerbaijan's natural resources

Omni World Holdings (Omni): Investment potential in Azerbaijans natural resources
Eric Schaer, Chairman of Omni World Holdings

Eric Schaer, Chairman of Omni World Holdings (Omni), speaks to Khaleej Times about the group's success over the years

By Zaynab Mohamad

Published: Sun 5 May 2019, 10:09 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 May 2019, 12:29 PM

Omni, pioneer of investment solutions in the CIS and GCC states in areas of natural resources, tourism and finance, is a company well known for its positive reputation and regional focus.
Founded in Azerbaijan and currently expanding its focus to include the UAE, Omni Chairman Eric Schaer highlights the reasons behind favouring Azerbaijan as square one for the group.

"When considering Azerbaijan from an economic perspective, it is certainly well-known for its availability of natural resources. Moreover, natural endowments are being used efficiently under supervision and control by the government, which itself is very open and cooperative to investment opportunities.
Since inception, Omni has benefitted from the positive and business friendly environment in Azerbaijan. Our group company, Omni Finance, licensed by the central bank of Azerbaijan, is currently working with the government to expand its offerings to include ones aligned with new government initiatives.

Azerbaijan contains nine of the 11 existing climate zones in the world. Hence, it also provides vast investment opportunities in the tourism sector. Its European charm, eastern hospitality and rich cuisine make Azerbaijan an ideal place for tourism and co-investment from the Gulf."
When asked about modern-day challenges that are encountered with investment, Schaer highlights essential key factors that his organisation ensures to follow.

"We understand that each market opportunity is paired with challenges. That is why we believe it is essential to build strong relations with key regional players. Through these relationships we gain direct knowledge of the current local market trends, expose new opportunities, and avoid pitfalls often unseen by outside firms.

From this broad range of opportunities, we select key projects in which our field experts can both maximise potential return and mitigate risk."
Moving to the topic of Expo 2020 and its upcoming presence in Dubai, Schaer believes that such an event is going to be a great opportunity for all.

"Dubai is a strong financial hub, strategically located between the East and the West. It has evolved rapidly as a centre of attraction due to its world-class infrastructure and the plethora of opportunities it offers for its citizens and expatriates. For Omni World Holdings, we are convinced Expo 2020 will bring additional positive world recognition to Dubai and expand the economic catalyst that has increased our potential and growth."

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