Olympics to boost UAE-China ties

DUBAI — Chinese Consul-General Gao Youzhen has expressed optimism over hosting of the Olympic Games in Beijing this year, saying that after this international event, the relationship of China with other countries in the world will be enhanced culturally, socially and politically.

By Lily B. Libo-on (Our staff reporter)

Published: Mon 21 Jul 2008, 1:25 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:13 PM

In an exclusive interview to Khaleej Times recently, Consul-General Gao said many countries have paid much attention to the coming Olympic Games but they should also pay attention to China, its culture, its people, its tradition and its booming countryside while there.

"I base my optimism on the fact that right now over half a million people from all over the world have confirmed hotel bookings and flight tickets to visit China, 300,000 of whom will attend the Olympic Games and over 200,000 will tour around the country. Of these, 50,000 belong to big family travellers," he revealed.

He said the Beijing Olympics carries the theme, "One World, One Dream", which "I think is very fitting to the occasion because the huge number of foreign visitors will have the opportunity to know more about China, which can lead to greater understanding between the Chinese and other peoples of the world".

"We also believe that UAE residents going to China to watch the Olympic Games will contribute to further enhancement of the trade relationship between the two countries as many of them are businessmen," he said.

The consul-general said the robust trade relationship between the UAE and China has resulted in exports and imports valued at more than $20 billion in 2007.

"This will increase by leaps and bounds after the Olympic Games. I believe that the Olympic Games will have a positive impact on the trade relationship and other bilateral relations between China and the UAE," he added.

He also said the Chinese government has widened and extended the major highways in areas where the events will be held, from 500 kilometres to 700 kilometres, built new city railways from 114 kilometres to 300 kilometres, introduced major pollution control mechanisms, particularly gas emission of vehicles by increasing the standard from EU3 to EU4, and decongested traffic by allowing only the cars with odd plate numbers to go on the road on odd days and those with even plate numbers on even days.

"China has also introduced the security practices of other countries which have hosted the Olympic Games before and has taken measures to ensure maximum security for the participants and other visitors," he further said.

Consul-General Gao added that great efforts have also been made to upgrade China's sports facilities, especially the stadiums, pointing out that the country is now entering into the last stage of preparation.

"We believe that what we have spent may be equalled by what we will gain later."


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