Officers City renamed Abu Dhabi Gate City

ABU DHABI — The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City on Tuesday announced renaming the Officers City district as Abu Dhabi Gate City in line with the emirate’s Vision 2030 plan being carried out by the Urban Planning Council.

According to the municipality, the district’s name has been changed with all necessary steps, such as new signboards and mapping, being completed.

Formerly known as Officers City, it is an upmarket district where most of the security officers’ villas and the famous Officers Club are located. The new district has been divided into 14 sectors, where mixed-use developments are also under way.

According to the department, new districts and zones in the suburbs of the city are being developed to bring the capital city in line with the sweeping developments in all social and economic aspects of life envisaged under Abu Dhabi Plan 2030.

Salah Awad Al Sarraj, Acting Executive Director of Town Planning Sector, said: “Designating the name of Abu Dhabi Gate City demonstrates the significance of the district and its superb location.”The city, which spans 8.9 square kilometres, enjoys a strategic location as it is a key entry point to Abu Dhabi Island.

“So it is viewed as a main hub linking several modern development projects with Abu Dhabi City and as such is poised to add to the distinctive landmarks of Abu Dhabi on the same lines of other districts such as Al Assemah, Mohammed bin Zayed City and Khalifa City (A). It is also situated in close proximity to Abu Dhabi International Airport and the highway, thus forming a vital crossroad between the capital and Al Ain City as well as Abu Dhabi and Dubai emirates,” he said.

The municipality has set off a process to change all signage to reflect the new name of the district to provide easy guidance to the public and road users and ensure smooth access to the city, and also to popularise the name among residents and visitors.

The municipality has called on all bodies concerned, including government and official entities, to use the new name in all relevant transactions, correspondence and communications referring to the district.

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