Nursery school fees hiked twice a year

A PARENT complained against increase in fees twice within a year at the Yellow Brick Nursery in Garhoud.

By Complaints Corner

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Published: Thu 1 Jun 2006, 11:10 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:19 PM

The parent also highlighted the need for the Ministry of Education to monitor the fee hike even in a nursery school in the country.

“There should be some kind of system,” the parent pointed out.


Ms B. King Turner, owner of the Yellow Brick Nursery, has clarified that since it is a nursery and offers pre-school classes for children from four months up to four and half years, the institution does not fall under the purview of the Ministry of Education.

“We come under the Ministry of Labour rules,” she said, stressing that fee control measures of the Ministry of Education do not apply to nurseries in the country. However, she added, that the nursery had last hiked its fees some years ago and had plans to introduce a marginal increase from September this year. “In my knowledge we have never hiked our fees twice in the same year,” she said.

Justifying the forthcoming hike, she said it is necessary because of increasing costs and rents as well as higher teachers' salaries. "Those parents who have a problem with us should first compare the Yellow Brick Nursery with other nurseries in Dubai. They will find that the services and facilities available at our nursery are far superior than other places. Our timings are from 7.30 am until 3pm six days a week with extended time options available up to 7.30pm in the evening. But, most other nurseries start at 8am and close at 1pm daily,” she said, in bid to justify the proposed raise in the new year.

School bag a| heavy sburden

A MAN whose children study in an Indian syllabus school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education in the UAE has complained that the heavy bagload of books carried daily by these children poses a big health hazard but the schools refuse to take any initiative to relieve them of it. She complained that most young children are suffering from backache and tend to adopt sloppy postures due to heavy bag loads carried by them daily to school.

“Why can't the school help reduce the bagload by reducing the number of books to be taken to school daily. Also the Ministry of Education should issue directives to Indian schools to eliminate the book load,” she urged, adding that the CBSE should not ignore the issue but introduce a change in the system soon.


THE principal of an Indian school in Dubai said that the CBSE is looking into tiding over the issue of heavy school bags.

According to the principal, the recent circular issued by the CBSE states that the board has set up a committee under the chairmanship of Professor Yashpal and have made several recommendations to reduce the curricular burden and stress on children in its report entitled 'Learning without Burden'. The national curriculum framework 2005 has called for several systematic reforms to make children's life at school enjoyable. One of these reforms pertains to reduction in number of textbooks for different classes.

The circular, he said, has also urged all the CBSE-affiliated schools to ensure that the number of textbooks they prescribe from class 1 to 8 does not exceed the number indicated in a list issued by the board. For example grade 1 students will now carry only Hindi, English and Mathematics textbooks daily instead of five different textbooks and workbooks prescribed earlier, he added.

Multiple bus routes should be merged

A CALLER to Khaleej Times Hotline suggested that the authorities could make things easier for bus commuters if the buses are routed from different depots and multiple routes are merged into one. He pointed out that passengers of route No. 10 have to wait for almost an hour to catch the bus and it is a major problem during summer.


ACCORDING to an official, bus routes are decided after in-depth surveys on public demand and later on existing ridership on each route. Therefore, the idea of having multiple starting points for a single route is impracticable.

He said the RTA will increase the frequency of certain bus routes while introducing some new routes beginning today. He said the timetable for buses will also be overhauled in the coming weeks to make it more realistic and allow commuters to plan their trips accordingly. The delay of public buses is attributed by officials to the increasing traffic in city, especially inside central business districts in Deira and Bur Dubai, he said.

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