New update reduces iPhone 6 performance by 40%

New update reduces iPhone 6 performance by 40%

If your phone feels a bit slow, this might be why

By Web Report

Published: Sun 14 Jan 2018, 3:31 PM

Last updated: Sun 14 Jan 2018, 5:50 PM

Reports about hardware vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Spectre affecting the performance of phones when patched by software updates are true.
The first to be affected seems to be the old iPhone 6 after Apple released the iOS 11.2.2 update to patch Spectre on its iOS devices on Monday, causing many devices to slow down considerably. After the update, iPhone 6 -- powered by Apple A8 chips -- lost around 40% of its CPU performance.
In one such incident, Dutch entrepreneur Melvin Mughal updated his iPhone 6 to iOS 11.2.2 and recorded a 41 per cent decrease while testing the single-core performance of the device while its multi-core performance decreased by 39 per cent.
Spectre and Meltdown exploit the CPU's cache, affecting both single and multi-core performance and memory access hugely. However, the update did not show any sign of reduction in battery performance, according to reports in Techjuice.
According to the reports by GSM Arena, the performance of older iPhones is affected substantially, compared to iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 which did not record any strong impact on performance even after being updated to the iOS 11.2.2.
Meanwhile, the news has only added to the fury among iPhone users after several reports about poor battery performance started pouring in post two incidents of battery catching fire in Apple Stores came to light.

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