New students welcomed in festive spirit

AL AIN — A festive welcome was given to new students at the UAE University (UAEU) yesterday.

By Lana Mahdi

Published: Thu 24 Aug 2006, 9:27 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:15 PM

The fete was organised at Merecure Grand Hafeet Hotel in partnership with Watani, a society development programme that focuses on enhancing UAE national identity.

Dr Hadef bin Joan Al Dhahri, UAEU Vice-Chancellor, said that the university has played a key role, since its inception, in developing human resources in the UAE.

More than 40,000 graduates from the university have played important roles in nation building.

A good number of these graduates are among the top decision makers.

Nine of the ministers in the current Cabinet are UAEU graduates.

“This is an achievement that we are proud of and one that drives us to face the challenges of the future where education is not a luxury any more.”

“UAEU remains the factory for the nation builders and a protector of its future,” he said.

Dr Abdullah Al Khanbashi, UAEU Provost, said that Marhaba Al Ssaa function will last a week starting on August 26 and end on August 30.

During that period students will be going through a number of orientation sessions, placement tests, social functions, outdoor dinners and even receptions where they will get to know their colleagues, their faculty as well as some of the senior students.

“University is not an information downloading centre, it represents life in totality and we are keen that students receive orientation in life skills that would ensure that they utilise their academic studies in the best interests of their country,” he remarked.

Dr Khanbashi said that using the traditional welcome phrase “Marhab Al Ssaa” as the name of the campaign was to emphasise that the university in an integral part of the homeland and that was the main reason behind the partnership in this event with Watani program.

“Watani programme is partnering with UAEU in organising the event due to the programme’s interest in enhancing the young students grip on their national identity,” according to Mr Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori, Coordinator-General of Watani.

Al Mansoori said: “if we are talking about enhancing national identity, it would naturally lead us to talk about our younger generation that has grown in a country where many people from various parts of the world like to consider it home.”

“They work, live and learn from them and are affected by their cultures.”

“We are keen that our kids in the same process can represent their cultural identity and be enabled to make them better understand the UAE culture, its originality, the richness of its ethical and social values which was behind the development miracles of the UAE people.”

UAEU will be receiving around 2,500 students this year.

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