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New rules introduced for duty free shops in Oman

New rules introduced for duty free shops in Oman

Muscat - The ministry has issued a list of regulations for establishing duty-free shops.

By Web Report

Published: Wed 18 Sep 2019, 10:55 AM

Last updated: Wed 18 Sep 2019, 1:08 PM

Chalking out new rules for duty-free shops in Oman, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) issued a list of regulations, conditions and procedures applicable for purchases and sales as well as establishing of new duty-free shops.
According to the decision of MOF, departing passengers and transit passengers on international flights as well as departing aircrew members can purchase items from duty-free shops by submitting their passports and boarding pass sales counters.
According to Times of Oman, Article 15 of the decision stipulates: 'Sales staff are obliged to deliver to the buyer, a receipt containing the number of units sold, their inventory number, the type of item, the name of the airport where the sale was made and the price of the item'.
The decision stresses that in case of cancellation of flight, sales staff at duty-free are prohibited from selling items to passengers. However, if flights are cancelled or passenger retracts from from travel, then the sales staff can cancel the sale. The same rule applies in case of flight delays due to which passengers can not stay in the departure lounge,  the Ministerial decision pointed.
Also, in case a traveller forgets to carry items purchased at duty-free shops, the goods must be returned at the sales counter and sales staff should cancel the sale and notify the Customs office.

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