New look, new dresses, new ambience

New look, new dresses, new ambience

As Ramadan ends, Eid shopping spree begins. Emiratis and other Muslim families go for something new —dresses and sets of draperies and furniture to refurbish their living rooms.

The rush started few days before Eid reaches the peak on Eid days.

Furniture shops are cashing in on the rush. Syed Abdullah, an Indian sales executive of Al Raha Furniture and Curtains, said there is an increase in the number of Emiratis and Arab families changing their curtains and furniture sets. “We also have other Muslims coming in to buy curtains.”

A Filipino cashier at a mall, Erlinda Sagun, said that new dresses comprise the biggest bulk of family shopping at the malls in the last two days of Ramadan.

Fatima Ali, a Sudanese mother of two, said that it is the tradition of Muslim families to buy new things, particularly new dresses and new living room decors and fittings to create a new ambience at home. “I normally go to a Sudanese textile shop to buy yards and yards of newly arrived textile a week before Eid to have them sewn into beautiful dresses. I feel my home and family is not complete without these new things around.”

Egyptian family, Tariq Al Hariri and Suzanne Ahmed, are among the hundreds of families shopping at malls days before Eid. Tagging along with them their two kids, five-year-old Abdul Aziz and two-year-old Maryam the couple said they will buy chocolates and sweets to be made ready in the living room for Eid. “We will also buy new dresses to for the first two days of Eid when we visit our brothers, sisters and our close friends.”

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