New law warns drivers: 24 black points thrice and say bye-bye to your licence!

ABU DHABI — Beware motorists, a traffic violation can cost you a fortune under a new amended federal traffic law.

By Adel Arafah

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Published: Sun 19 Mar 2006, 9:40 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:30 PM

According to a senior official at the Interior Ministry, some violations stipulated by the law, which will be introduced soon, can carry fines up to Dh2,000, while the minimum will be Dh600.

The hike in fines will also be associated with the black-point system under which a driver can lose his/her licence in case of repeating serious violations, added the official. “A draft legislation, which will be passed shortly, will introduce the 24 black points system under which the driving licence of a motorist will be withdrawn for good if he repeats the dangerous violation three times,” Major-General Saif Abdullah Al Shafaar, Interior Ministry Under-Secretary, told a Press conference he held on the occasion of launching the 22nd Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Traffic Week at Abu Dhabi Marina Mall yesterday.

“If the motorist gets black points exceeding the maximum ceiling of the 24 points three times, he will have his driving licence withdrawn and his car ownership suspended for a period of 15 days to one month," Al Shafaar said in a reply to a question by Khaleej Times during the conference. “The revised federal legislation defines the dangerous violations as racing, driving a vehicle without a registration plate, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, causing death to people and extreme speeding by more than 60kmph over the speed limit,” he explained.

Under the new fine structure, he said, offenders of these five dangerous and life-threatening violations will be slapped with a fine of Dh2,000 and 24 black points.

Al Shafar maintained that a motorist who gets 24 points will have his driving licence withheld for three months, and his vehicle impounded for 15 days. If he receives the 24 points again, his driving licence will be suspended for six months and his vehicle for one month.

The third time his driving licence will be cancelled and he will only be allowed to apply for a new driving licence after one year at least.

The vehicle will also be impounded for one month.

“The aim of amending the federal traffic law is not to collect money from fines but the foremost goal, under the instructions of Lt.-Gen. Shaikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior, is to reduce traffic accidents in order to save lives,” he added.

In 2005, he went on to say, traffic accidents claimed the lives of 833 people of whom 219 were UAE nationals while 11,096 people were injured compared to 824 people (247 nationals) and 11,057 hurt in 2004.

He noted the number of accidents reported in 2005 dropped by 16 per cent to 6,882 from 8,269 in 2004. “Fatalities among nationals by declined 11 per cent, while traffic violations went up 18 per cent to 2.9 million in 2005 from 2.488 million in 2004,” he noted.

Opening the week in Abu Dhabi, Colonel Ghaith Al Za’abi, Director of Traffic and Patrol at Abu Dhabi Police, announced that 292 people, including 83 nationals, were killed in 2,438 accidents in Abu Dhabi last year.

Around 3,795 people were unjured. “Most victims of traffic accidents were from age group of 20 to 30 years,” he noted.


Following is the breakdown of fines and the number of black points for violations:

  • Motorists involved in jumping red signals will be fined Dh2,000 and get 12 black points,
  • Causing an accident of overturning Dh1,000 (6 points).
  • Escaping from the traffic police Dh2,000 (6 points).
  • Allowing another person to drive a vehicle without having a driving licence Dh2,000 (6 points).
  • Truck drivers overtaking in a dangerous way Dh2,000 (12 points).
  • Reckless driving Dh2,000 (12 points).
  • Driving in a way posing danger to the public Dh2,000 (12 points).
  • Driving a vehicle which pollutes the environment Dh2,000 (4 points).
  • Fines for making changes to the engine or the chassis, colour of vehicle without official licence or permission is Dh2,000 (3 points).
  • Transporting or carrying passengers in a vehicle not licensed for public transport Dh2,000 (3 points).
  • Driving a vehicle emitting gases or vapours above than the allowed rate Dh2,000 (2 points).
  • Changing the lane dangerously Dh1,000 (6 points).
  • Driving an unlicensed vehicle Dh1,000 (6 points).
  • Driving the vehicle in the opposite direction Dh1,000 (6 points).
  • A fine of Dh1,000 (6 points) will be imposed on motorists who drive heavy vehicles that do not abide by safety measures, loading trucks in a way that is dangerous to the public or road, overloading trucks and non-compliance to travelling on the trucks lane.

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