‘Negligent’ mother in trouble

Dubai Attorney-General Issam Issa Al Humaidan has ordered that a criminal case be opened against an Emirati woman who allegedly left her five children with her two maids in her house for several months.

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Published: Thu 30 Aug 2012, 9:10 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 1:05 PM

Al Humaidan has assigned the Family and Juvenile Prosecution to handle the probe procedures and take action when the probe is concluded.

The Emirati housewife is believed to have neglected her five children for about ten months. She left them alone at the house where they were taken care of by two maids. In the case, she will be charged with and held accountable for putting at risk the lives of her next of kin, who are juveniles under 15, according to Article 349/2.1 of the Federal Penal Code No. 3 of 1987 and its modifications.

The mother who won the custody of the children, aged between two and 10 years, from her ex-husband allegedly stayed away from the house because she had to repay loans amounting to Dh800,000. From time to time, she visited the house secretly but would order the maids to lock up the children so that they would not see her.

And she had not seen her youngest daughter, who is now two years, since she was nine months.

Major Ishag Mohammed, Head of the Women and Child Protection Section, had said the woman gave unsatisfactory reasons like facing financial problems for not living with the children or taking care of them.

The case came to light when a woman relative of the mother informed the Women and Child Protection Section about the children’s plight. The relative found that out when she visited the house since she had not heard from the children’s mother for a long time.

On reaching the house, she learnt that the mother had been absent for long and had left the children with the two maids.

She informed the police because she was afraid the children were too small to stay alone with the maids who could not anyway replace a mother.

A team from the Women and Child Protection Section visited the house and found out that the mother got the custody of the children after her husband divorced her in 2009 following disputes over her working in different shifts and not taking care of the children.

The mother took away all her belongings and had not seen the children for long periods of time. She would visit the house at night to take a few things and the last time she visited the house was on March 15. The maids confirmed to the police that the woman had not been staying in the house or taking care of the children.

Major Ishag had said the children missed their mother. The youngest child clung on to a policewoman tightly thinking that she was her mother when the police visited the house. Major Ishaq had said the father has been paying the children’s expenses and visiting them time to time because he has married another woman and is staying in a distant place. Only two children are attending school although two more are of school age.

Their father said his first wife insisted that she would take the custody of the children and they signed an agreement in the court which ordered him to pay the expenses. He said he filed a lawsuit demanding their custody after he felt the children were being neglected.

Major Ishag said the mother had been indifferent and did not respond to the police team’s calls repeatedly. She told the police that she was forced to leave the children because she was scared that the police would arrest her anytime since she had accumulated loans up to Dh800,000, including a bank loan of Dh750,000.


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